Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Disney Pixar FINDING DORY Bath Toys + Swigglefish Marlin, Nemo, Destiny ...

Things on heating up on youtube! We gained three subscribers today, and are now featured on two channels! I even spied one of our Shopkins videos added to another channel's playlist! I sincerely hope things pick up soon! It is super disappointed to go from a multitude of action on the channel, all the way down to zero in just a day. 

I need help on making our channel better! We need better lighting and sound. Our video equipment is okay, I just need to tweak it and not make videos at 3am. Natural daylight is my friend, but so hard to come by with a busy almost three year old, family obligations, taking care of the house, and work. Boo hoo! Cry me a river! Yes, I know! I get to play with toys in the middle of the night...I'll stop talking...check out this video. 

The Finding Dory pull string bath toys are a bit lame. They rise to the top of the water and float like dead fish. Not very appealing to me, but our son loves them. They get the toddler seal of approval. Take a peek! 


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