Wednesday, June 8, 2016

ANIME Yo-kai Watch Blind Bags Mystery Collector Pins FNAF Tubey Toys Kid...

Hey pals! I explored the world of Anime and the acclaimed game and show, Yo-Kai Watch. 

Doesn't Yo-Kai Watch remind you of Pokemon? It's very Pokemon Snap-esque, Pokemon Snap was a game on the N64. I opened some Yo-Kai Watch collector trading pins. The pins themselves do not feel like metal, if they are metal, they're pretty flimsy. The enamel is nice though, and the paint was intact. The colors are vibrant for each character pin. There is a neat rubber backing reminiscent of Disney collector pins. 

I purchased the pins at Target at $2.99 each. I honestly would not recommend these blind bags for a kid. There is no educational value. The pins are just a novelty, and can be traded or worn. The continued play value will not last on these things. Save the money for a figure. 

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