Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Our YouTube Channel flourishes!

Tubey Toys - Subscribe to fun!

So far, our boy loves the channel. He still watches his oldie but goodies like Ryan's Toy Review, DisneyCollector, The Engineering Family, etc., but that's okay. The channels he watches are fantastic! 

I am trying to incorporate more learning and we grow ourselves. I haven't edited videos in a very long time, and a lot of the technology has changed, but I am learning myself! I think it shows with each video that I am growing as a YouTube vlogger! This is very hard stuff. It's not just making a video and uploading it. There are so many different facets of YouTube vlogging - choosing a theme, sound (and just the overall tone of your voice), your lighting, recording equipment, and marketing yourself. 

If you expect to upload, and get subscribers off the bat - that isn't going to happen! It certainly does take time. 

So far, I love this, and I love that our boy has another safe place on YouTube to turn to when he wants to decompress himself. 

And if you're wondering what I do with my kid all day - I teach him lots of things all day long and I do so through play. He's a super smart almost three year old. Our boy tested well above average for cognitive and physical abilities. If you think I am sticking him in front of the TV all day long, you're quite wrong. Imaginative play, reading (a lot of books), coloring and drawing, learning to read (yes, we're at that point) is what we do to keep our brains functioning. I do not limit his TV or iPad time - I found that he limits himself. I will step in though if I see that it is too long. 

I do work, I do cook, clean, have my own time - I just don't sleep. Haha!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy! Thanks for sharing this journey with me!


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