Monday, May 16, 2016

Toy Review: Sheriff Callie's Wild West Ella Cowbelle's Milk Saloon Playset

I got my hands on the first playset related to the super fun and cute Disney Junior TV show, Sheriff Callie's Wild West. This show features the beautiful voice of Mandy Moore (she also played in Disney's Tangled as Rapunzel - swooooon!). The show is really cute and lends itself in teaching good morals to our kids.  

Ella Cowbelle's Milk Saloon Playset is made by Just Play, and is a lot of fun! Perfect for ages 3 and up. It features some interactive details that your pre-schooler will enjoy like the playable piano, it's really just a button that signals a piano bell sound to ring. The bar itself has movable parts, when the cowpokes com into the saloon for a cold glass of milk, Ella can slide the glass down the bar counter. This set comes with one figure, Ella, but you can choose to buy the four pack of characters featuring the stars themselves, Sheriff Callie, Deputy Peck, Sparky, and Toby, the pokey cowpoke. 

I found the set to be adorable and very portable, which is good for kids who like to take their toys with them. Simply take apart the stairs, tuck them and place the pieces through the window. The saloon folds and snaps close. 

This toy will help promote your little one's fine motor skills, and promote imaginative play! Do you have the Ella Cowbelle's Milk Saloon Playset? What does your little cowpoke think of it? The Ella Cowbelle's Milk Saloon Playset retails at many many stores like Target and Toys R Us for just $19.99, and if you're buying it at Target, use your RedCard for an extra 5% off! The price is right, and substantial enough to lend itself as an expensive looking gift!

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