Friday, May 27, 2016

Toys and Typos: Finding Dory Coffee Pot Play Set Typo

I purchased the Finding Dory Coffee Pot Playset to review, and noticed something funny. There is a typo on the back of the box. The premise of the new Disney/Pixar film, Finding Dory, is that Dory is on a search for her parents, and while searching with Marlin and Nemo, she gets lost as well. Her journey takes her back to the Marine Life Institute, a temporary holding facility for endangered aquatics.

At the Marine Life Institute, the marine life are taken in, nursed to health (if needed), and then released back in the ocean. You would think the manufacturer of this product would at least get that name right, correct? Wrong. It actually says "Marline Life Institute." It's almost as if they wanted to spell Marlin, and noticed the error, and just added an "e" at the end.

I worked in toy production for many years, and quality control was our number one priority. Safety standards were at the top of the list, too. This typo is not a big deal. It's just funny to me, and also strikes me as this toy and box possibly becoming a collector's item once the Finding Dory toys make their way off of the shelves. 

Notice the typo? I did, because I am crazy. 

Not only is this toy a lot of fun and chock full of entertainment and educational value, but you may have a rare find on your hands. I am sure once the second run of this toy is ordered; they’ll be ordering an artwork change to the box as well. 

Who holds on to the box anyway? I usually don't, but I always check the box. It's always important to check the box your toy arrived in, because this is where you will find all of the information about that toy. For example, which safety standards does this toy comply with - ASTM/CE, etc? You'll also find where the toy was manufactured, where its sold, and the company information. In addition to the importance of safety standards, you'll also need to know the recommended age of play. You don't want to give your two year old a toy that's recommended for a four year. I say this not because I don't think your two year old can handle the toy - it's for safety reasons, and there may be small parts that could just fly off at any moment. We all know two year old kids are just as curious as they were when they turned one. So, parents, take heed. These warnings are on there for the safety of our kids. 

I can remember a time while working in the production department, we had a fatal error. One of our counting puzzles had a huge typo on the artwork (licensed by a very famous author/artist by the way). The typo was a huge embarrassment, but you have to understand, the designers are human, and we make mistakes! Perish the thought! Of course, next production it was corrected. However, the initial order of 10,000 was out there, and parents trusted us with their child’s busy time, and we have only nine apples under the number 10! Mistakes do happen.

Have you ever found a typo on a toy box? If so, which ones? Are they collector’s items now?


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