Tuesday, March 31, 2020

LEGOLAND New York Resort delays Grand Opening to 2021 due to COVID-19 Outbreak

LEGOLAND New York Resort slated to open July 4, 2020 is now delayed until 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The grand opening slated for much fanfare for brick builders, big and small, joins the many other parks deciding to keep doors closed until this pandemic is under control.

“Nothing is more important to us than the health, safety and security of our team, the partners we work with, and the communities we serve,” said LEGOLAND New York Resort Divisional Director Stephanie Johnson. “We are in an unprecedented situation that has affected businesses worldwide. By opening LEGOLAND New York Resort in 2021 we are building an attraction that not only meets our high standards, it also gives our guests the best possible experience.” 

In spite of the closure this year, LEGOLAND New York Resort will still hire the projected 1,000 Model Citizens to staff the theme park and hotel. Model Citizens (LEGOLAND employees) offered to work during the 2020 season will be invited to work in 2021. 

“We are grateful for the support and understanding from our guests and neighbors as we navigate the challenges caused by the coronavirus pandemic,” Johnson said. “We look forward to building unforgettable memories with our guests and their families when we open in 2021.” 

Guests who purchased annual passes or single-day tickets will be honored when the Resort opens officially in 2021. For those who booked vacation packages through LEGOLAND Vacations will be able to be among the first to book for the 2021 season. LEGOLAND strongly urges anyone with questions to visit the Parks website for more information, and you can also email any questions to LLNY.Experience@LEGOLAND.com. Please allow some time for a response. Note that Annual passes will continue to be available, and vacation bookings for 2021 will open in the coming months. 

I hope everyone stays well. We will get through this, and when it’s we can celebrate with Merlin at LEGOLAND New York Resort! I am bummed that we have to wait another year to experience the Dragon Coaster or ride the Brick Party Carousel, but it's better safe than sorry! I am pretty Emmet would agree.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

New Toy Reveal! XOXO Cupcake Surprise Tic Tac Toy Toymakers Line - GIANT Cupcake with 20+ Surprises

Tic Tac Toy fans are going to love the new XOXO Friends Cupcake Surprise. With over 20+ surprises inside, and an unboxing experience worthy of a Toy Master challenge, kids will be able to collect new, 4” XOXO Friends, tattoos, wings, headbands, and more.

For this unboxing, my son Marcello was all business, and just wanted to dive right in! First, you unwrap the wrapper and underneath the giant cupcake top are two surprises You get a costume to wear like a unicorn headband and wings, so kids can dress up as they reveal the next collection of surprises. Next, reveal the special XOXO key to unlock a mega cupcake full of surprises! From large XOXO Friends articulated figures to squishy accessories, fans and new fans alike will love everything inside!

The price tag is steep at $39.99, but you get nothing but high-quality Tic Tac Toy approved toys inside! I was so impressed with the stitching of the wings, and the great quality of the figures. They spared no expense for their fans with this series, and I hope to collect more for my Tic Tac Toy fan! Don’t forget to use the cupcake as a great storage container for your XOXO Friends. Not only is that giant cupcake super cute, but it’s a great decor piece to brighten up your child’s bedroom or playroom!

What do you think? Do you think the price is too high? I have to say no, and I will explain why--not only do you get all of the toys that I mentioned, the unboxing experience was fun and long. I timed it at 35 minutes of unboxing the entire cupcake, and both of my boys have been playing with the toy for three days straight. When your child revisits a toy to play, again and again, it is money well spent in my opinion!

Totally Tiny Surprise Ooze and Miniature Food Sets Perfect for Easter Baskets and Boredom Busters!

Looking for food sets for your dolls that are just so totally cute and Totally Tiny? Look no further! Just Play Products sent us packs of their popular sets, Totally Tiny. Totally Tiny includes sets of miniature foods perfectly size for dolls (1/6th scale), especially their Hairdorables. Each of the sets comes with different varieties of foods like pizza or breakfast foods. Other sets include BBQ or even desserts with different accessories and miniature doll foods that look good enough to eat! Included with each set is a mystery ooze that kids (and kidults) can squish, squeeze, and stretch over the food. They really do work well with sets and provide a tactile element to play. Smear peanut butter and jelly on the bread. Create a stretch of cheese when pulling a slice from the pizza pie. It's all very satisfying, and making me Totally Hungry! I wish I had the tiny appetitie though.

Perfect for open-ended role-play and sensory play to fulfill tactile needs. Fill the Easter baskets with these sets or if you're lucky enough to find the new Totally Tiny lunch boxes, you will see that they are the perfect Easter basket stuffers! 

Available at Meijer are the new Totally Tiny Lunch Boxes with miniature foods and mystery ooze inside. They are packaged in totally cute lunch boxes. Perfect additions to Easter baskets this year. Be on the lookout for my unboxing video as I managed to find a few boxes on eBay. Stay tuned for my unboxing!

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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

LEGO Unveils LEGO IDEAS Pirates of Barracuda Bay - 90's Kids Rejoice

What does a pirate say when he steps on a LEGO?

Okay, that was terrible.

Kids at home? I’ve got lots of ideas to keep LEGO builders’ boredom at bay!

Coming April 1, no joke, you can get the new LEGO Ideas 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay set that includes a multi-level highly detailed shipwrecked pirate ship that houses eight merry characters of mini-figures including the iconic Captain Redbeard, Lady Anchor, Robin Loot and the twins, Port and Starboard, as well as three other pirates and two skeleton figures and various animals to discover on the island. This set is impressive - boasting 2,545 LEGO bricks to create a shipwrecked pirate ship and can be built in different ways to create different scenarios. 

LEGO fans may see that this LEGO Ideas set is inspired by the various LEGO sets from the days of yore - 1989 - 1997, including the 1989 Black Sea Barracuda pirate ship model. One I remember from my childhood is that shark from the Battle Cove set! This is such a great LEGO Ideas set. There are various scenes to explore and give LEGO brick fans opportunities for many storylines! Search for buried treasure by separating the included island to create larger-scale scenes to enrich your story. Keep it all together for an epic display or just play!

21322 LEGO Ideas Pirates of Barracuda Bay retails for $199.99, and you can order it online at LEGO.com for free and fast delivery! The 21322 LEGO Ideas Pirates of Barracuda Bay set is pricey, but worth it as it has 2,545 pieces and lots of play value, plus the build time with family is priceless!

Also, don’t forget to enter the LEGOLAND New York Resort contest! Just click Offers & Sale on LEGO.com, and scroll down to find out how to enter. You can upload a receipt from participating stores like Target, Walmart, Amazon, and LEGO.com. Every $10 that you spend on LEGO products earns you an entry! The contest ends on April 30, 2020. 

Plus LEGO.com is giving away free Easter-themed LEGO sets with your purchase. 

Free with $50 purchase. $12.99 value

Free with $30 purchase.

Other LEGO sets, you can consider are the new Minions: Rise of Gru LEGO sets coming out April 27, 2020 - be on the lookout for those. Plus, the Trolls: World Tour sets are in-stores now, and they are a lot of fun to build. Check out my YouTube video featuring the LEGO booth tour of the latest sets coming out through summer at New York Toy Fair 2020!

When you're going on your Target run for food, swing by the LEGO section and check out the bag builds that are just $4.99-$5.99 each. I picked up a Train set bag (perfect alternative to the anniversary set), Trolls set featuring Poppy, Easter Bunny, and a Spider-man set. These are great Easter basket fillers, plus easy boredom busters!

I made sure to stock up on some sets for New York’s PAUSE order to help flatten the curve. I added on the new Brickheadz sets including Donald Duck, and the Goofy and Pluto sets. Since I spent over a certain amount, I got the 40th Anniversary Train set for free. 

What do you think of the new set? Do you think it pays homage to all of our favorite sets from the 90s? I am arrrrrgh——stoked! 

RRP: $199.99 / €199.99
Age 16+
2,545 pieces

Thursday, March 12, 2020

New Toy Reveal! LEGO SUPER MARIO Sets Coming This Fall!

I am beyond excited that LEGO and Nintendo have teamed up to create these next level Super Mario LEGO sets. For real guys - these sets are AMAZING! Each set looks like it will have different challenges to complete all while using your interaction LEGO Mario figure as a guide. He has different expressions and tells you what he needs or reacts to different tap points. 

There will be different tap activation points to signal Mario where LEGO Masters can hear familiar sounds from this iconic game. Tap on goombas, avoid the piranhas, hop on coin boxes to collect coins, watch Mario's face and screen change when activating different tap points, knock out Bowser, hop on turtles to knock them out, visit Yoshi and give him some love, and try to beat the clock to reach the goal pole!

I could be wrong, but this looks like five different playsets will be released. There's very little building involved as I really think once the set is put together, it's all about imaginative play. This is so great for little kids and LEGO and Nintendo fans that I think more sets will come from this! I hope to see an interactive Luigi LEGO figure as well, but the likelihood of that is small. We have to wait and see! 

The new SUPER MARIO sets will be out later this year. Typically fall releases are in August for toymakers, but I would expect a September 1st or October 1st. This will be the hottest LEGO set to get for the holidays, and I sincerely hope that there is a pre-order.

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Thank you so much LEGO Group for sharing this news and your images/videos with me!

Friday, March 6, 2020

Bluey Toys at Toy Fair New York 2020 are Coming This Summer - Amazon Pre-Order Open Now!

I'm writing this post as if I am talking to a group of my fellow Bluey fans, so if you have any questions please comment below, or contact me on social. It'd be great if you also subscribed to my YouTube channel and liked the video above! It really helps boost me in the search, which I have been removed from some time ago! Help a Bluey mama out!

In my video, I talk about the figure packs, mini play-sets, Bluey’s Family home (Heeler House), Heeler Family 4WD Vehicle, Plush dolls, and the Bluey and Bingo games. 

A quick rundown of the products shown at Toy Fair New York are below. The toys below will be out this summer (August 2020). Be on the look out starting in June, there is a slight chance you may be able to find them in stores then. 

  • Figure packs with accessories like Grannies, Pool Time: $7.99 (US)
  • Mini Playsets (BBQ, Playground): $14.99 (US)
  • Figure 4-packs: $14.99 (US) You can pre-order the Heeler Family now on Amazon
  • Heeler Family 4WD Vehicle: $19.99 (US)
  • Bluey’s Family Home: $39.99 (US)
  • Bluey Jumbo Plush: $19.99 (US) You can pre-order the Bluey Jumbo Plush now on Amazon
  • Mini Bluey & Friends Plush (8-inch Plush): $9.99 (US) Bluey and Bingo can be pre-ordered on Amazon now. 

I also learned that there will be a talking Bluey plush that will play the Bluey theme song. More on this when I receive more information. I also will find out if there will be a Bingo Jumbo Plush like in Australia. Stay tuned!

At New York Toy Fair, Moose Toys was my third appointment of the day. I walk in and the first thing I see is the Heeler house standing on a pedestal with two other of Moose's key toys for the show. There it was four rooms, furniture, and Bluey at the center. My heart was not ready for my turn around the corner. 

Figure packs! Mini Play-sets! A vehicle! The house! Plushies and games! My Bluey Heaven! Shown here we have mini-figure packs that include figures and key accessories from a particular episode like my favorite, Grannies, and my other favorite, Pool Time. Bluey's paternal cousins also get some love, Muffin and Socks are in their own figure pack along with a Bingo figure. There is also a Bandit and Bluey pack with the skateboard from Beach. 

Doctors Playset. You see important accessories like the magic xylophone and even the claw.

Also seen here are mini playsets, and I believe they are $14.99. Each set comes with a key accessory to re-tell Bluey episodes (or to make up your own!). 

We have a playground, which would be perfect for the Bike episode or even the one with the bus stop! I can't remember the title. There is also a BBQ playset that includes Bandit! We all know and love this episode--Bingo is so perfect! Listen to the Gotta Be Done Podcast-link below!  There is also the tent I recall from the Doctors episode, and check out that tiny magic xylophone! Moving on--the Bluey and Friends 4-pack and it comes with Honey, Coco, Bluey, and  Snickers.  We also have the first release 4-pack with whole Heeler crew, Chilli, Bluey, Bingo, and Bandit. 

Next up is the Heeler family's 4wd vehicle and I'm so glad they stayed true to the driver's side location. I didn't like when a certain Pig family had their family car driver's side switched. Bravo Moose for staying true! This set is only $19.99 and is a great deal! It comes with two surfboards, Bandit figure, and a sticker sheet to decorate the vehicle. It can also fit four figures--perfect for the Heeler family!

The Heeler Home is a multilevel play set that features four rooms -- living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. We are missing many rooms as this is really a very layered show, but for kids--it's great! With removable furniture to expand the story, children can create their own stories for Bluey, Bingo, Bandit, and Chilli! Don't forget the beans in the kitchen while playing Grannies! This set is only $39.99 and will be the perfect centerpiece gift! I forgot to mention in my video that the house is portable so your little one can take Bluey and friends on their own adventures. 

We also have soft toy plushies! Not shown here is the Bluey plush with sound that will play the Bluey theme song! The larger Bluey plush is $19.99, and is so huggable! The smaller plush features Bluey, Bingo, Snickers, and Coco. Im sure there will be more. I believe these were $6.99. I will put accurate pricing down below. And these prices are US.

Bingo's BINGO game is just perfect for the little ones. We also have a board game based off of the episode Shadowlands! - so perfect!

We have August 2020 release date for the Bluey toys in the US. I was told that Australia will get the rest of the line first--right now Australia only has the large Bluey plush, Bingo plush, and the 4-pack Heeler family. 

I love toys, I love to pretend play, and I love being creative. The show Bluey just speaks to me as a parent, and helps me come to terms that I'm not crazy--I just love to be silly and live life playfully with my children! We should all as parents watch Bluey and learn a thing or two. Check out more of my toy fair coverage and my IGTV with my son's reactions to seeing the Bluey toys! This whole line is on his birthday list! Please watch this video a lot so I can earn some dollarbucks to buy them all! 

This is not a sponsored video or post. All opinions are genuinely my own. This post also contains affiliate links and I earn a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. It doesn’t cost you any extra - promise! Thank you for your continued support for a working mom! 

Monday, February 10, 2020

New Scruff a Luvs Little Live Ombre Rescue Pets!

Now you can rescue a cat, dog, and even a pony! Find Little Live Scruff a Luvs for $19.99  at Target, Walmart, and Amazon for kiddos ages two and up.

Included in the box are accessories like a comb, collar, hairclip, and even a birth certificate to make this magical experience complete. Scruff a Luvs Friends now also have a new ombre effect for their fur. It’s so easy to reveal who you rescued - wash your scruffy ball of fluff with soap and water, comb, dry, and love! 

Little Live Scruff a Luvs provides teachable moments for kids to learn to care for animals, and since the ASPCA works with Moose Toys on the Little Live line, it also teaches that rescuing a pet is the best option!

To add some fun with the unboxing experience, why not include some fun DIY? Head to the dollar store and grab some glitter glue, fabric pencil case, rhinestone stickers, and more fun craft items and go to town - bling out your new Scruff a Luvs pet’s collar and make a fabric pencil case the take-along bag for your baby pet.

Show me what you made on social media on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!

Thank you so much Moose Toys for sending us the new Scruff a Luvs pets for our review!

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Friday, February 7, 2020

Get 60% Off Valentine's Merch at Claire's with Code!

Love is in the air and so are the savings at Claire's! Forget about the candy and flowers, get your favorite little Valentine a bunch of cute and useful accessories with savings up to 60% off! Use code: GALENTINES which is good for everything pink, red, and adorable!  The best part is that you don't have to just use these ideas for Valentine's Day because I have compiled a bunch of great gift ideas that are perfect for birthdays and beyond! 

Let's face it, hearts never go out of style!

Sleepovers are the ultimate rite of passage! Accessorize this momentous occasion with cute scrunchies, headwraps, and more!

Hearts Nylon Backpack $14.00 with code
Hearts Sleeping Mask $4.00 with code
LOVE Crew Socks $2.90 with code

Fill up this a useful make-up bag with tween essentials - from makeup to candy scented lip gloss. Claire's products are only of the highest quality, and your little glam girl will love taking their own personalized make-up bag on the go!

Skittles Lip Smacker $4.00 with code
Sweet Love Make-up Bag $5.90 with code
Rainbow Heart Bling Make-up Kit $11.99 with code

Make sure you add a Claire on a Chair plush doll for just $15 with each purchase! This adorable plush bunny is dressed as a fancy ballerina. This would be the perfect gift for Valentine's Day, birthday, or to get a headstart on Easter! 

What a great sale! Let me know what you're getting in the comments below, and make sure to share your purchase with Claire's on social media - instagram, facebook, and twitter

Claire's products support female empowerment, independence, and the power to be "YOU!" I have been shopping at Claire's since I am a teenager, so 20 years later, I take my niece to the very store that helped shape me as a strong, independent female! My son loves going to Claire's too, their assortment of mystery toys cannot be beaten. Happy Valentine's Day!

Friday, January 31, 2020

New Toy Alert! Wreck Royale Mix n Match Collectible Crash Vehicles

Wreck Royale, the latest collection of vehicles that wreck when they crash, and they don’t just get wrecked and that’s it - there are hours of play to be had here, and my boys had a blast! Thank you so much to MGA Entertainment for gifting us the entire series of Wreck Royale cars. 

With seven styles to choose from across the first wave, Wreck Royale made their debut at the LA Auto Show back in November 2019 with a slew of eager mini car enthusiasts looking on as these chunky cars crashed and exploded their parts in all different directions. Later, they made their way to the retail space on Amazon with a smash hit, and now they’re on store shelves like Target and Walmart. 

Mix n' Match Parts to Customize Your Own Crashes!

There are over 35 cars and parts to be combined again and again for customized “explosions” on contact with another vehicle, hand, wall, or hard surface. 

Back to the cars, Wreck Royale is easily my favorite car collection that crashed into 2020. You’ve got action-packed play, crunching destruction, that element of mixing up things (kids are obsessed with this notion), and they’re just really cool and thoughtfully designed. What little boy (or crash-obsessed little girl) wouldn’t love crashing these cars and that crazy clown, King Crash?

Head over to Wreck Royale’s website to check out their fun commercials, collector’s guide, and where to buy. You can also learn a little tidbit of information about each car like Meatloaf, he’s a bull or cattle themed car with a hay bale at his back and ring radiator grill. Meatloaf’s catchphrase is that “He’s got beef with everybody…” Or check out Tooned Out who says he is “2 Fast 2 Care 2 Stop.” You can also watch videos and even check out the Wreck Royale debut at LA Auto Show where you can see a possible sneak peek of wave two vehicles - a whimsical unicorn and a police car with an oversized donut that Homer Simpson would love! 

Footage from LA Auto Show | Photo Credit: MGAE

What do you think of Wreck Royale? Find them in stores now for $9.99 each for single packs at Target and Amazon. You can also get a double park at Target, Walmart, and Amazon for $19.99 for your kiddos ages six and up. I would highly recommend having at least three cars to really maximize the carnage! Hopefully, MGAE comes out with some blind bags for some more mystery car parts. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Thank you so much to MGAE for giving my boys a thrill - there was no issue adding Wreck Royale to our play space, they fit right in!