Monday, January 20, 2020

Toys for Generations: Le Toy Van Sustainable Wooden Toys

Earth-friendly. Chunky wooden toys. Limitless play. This is all what comes to mind when I think of Le Toy Van. Their fabulous line of children’s products caters to babies to big kids. With a wide range of products already out now, and more to come in 2020, this is the toy company that will be revolutionizing the toy industry!

With their mantra that “wood is good,” Le Toy Van is reducing our overall carbon footprint by creating thoughtful toys made from re-purposed Rubberwood trees that have reached the end of their life. 

Le Toy Van creates whimsical, heirloom toys that can be cherished and passed down from generations to come. Choose from a variety of toys that will positively impact and excite a child’s imagination by further encouraging storytelling and improve their social skills, all while having fun!

Starting with baby and toddler toys with playful designs like a shape sorter bird house, and an all wooden activity gym. Perfect for the nursery, playroom, and the classroom — toys like the sensory shapes also act as tactile toys and will grow with curious toddlers to little kids.

As children get older, their toy tastes get more and more sophisticated, and Le Toy Van creates many lines to accommodate a child’s every whim. 

The Honeybake Rollplay collection includes a wide variety of pretend play things from a coffee maker to grocery set with scanner. My favorite is the popcorn machine as it includes felt popcorn and even pretend play tickets so kids can play pretend carnival. 

For collectors and doll lovers, the Daisyland Collection started 25 years ago, and encourages the use of fine motor skills, problem solving, and speech development. Some houses come furnished or unfurnished and will give children the opportunity to be the master of their own playscenes. With a variety of styles, colors, and sizes, even the smallest dollhouse on their site was noted by a happy customer as saying it was “bigger than expected!” Select your style and you can even add family members with their collection of dolls. 

Their Traditional Playsets will be playroom staples with a great variety of toys perfect for any age and toy appetite. Choose from a toy fire engine complete with a fireman, a wooden farmyard complete with animals, playmats, rockets, unicorns, and more.

Not only are these toys perfect for every day play, they look amazing too. The toys are all made of word or new materials giving each look a really whimsical aestethic without overtly flashy colors or sounds—but are more warm, inviting, and bright—since their designs are simple with whimsy, kids will be able to focus on what matters, and that is play! 

If you’re a new parent, parent veteran, or just looking for the perfect gift, seek out Le Toy Van. You will not be disappointed!

Sunday, January 19, 2020

New! Scooby-Doo Playmobil Sets Available Now!


Jinkies! The Scooby-Doo sets by Playmobil are out now at! First revealed at New York Comic Con 2019, now you can order yours today!  I ordered mine on Thursday and it arrived Saturday, ready to build! Overall, this set has everything you need to solve the craziest mysteries!

Glow in the Dark Ghost

The Mystery Machine set (#70286) is $44.73 for ages 5+ and has great features like open and close doors, folding bench seat, you can even mix up the arrangement of the seating in the back of the van, cup holders for drinks, it’s actually very roomy, and greater details. 

In case you’ve been hiding under a pile of Scooby snacks, the Mystery Machine is the iconic van that Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy, and Scooby travel around in eating the best snacks, and solving mysteries. It’s totally high-tech, and includes accessories that not only makes this highly collectible, but also fun to play. The clear ghost dossiers give information about their next hunt, and you can slide those cards inside the light up monitor to get a closer look. Velma has her signature magnifying glass, too! 

You will definitely need to also get the Playmobil Scooby Doo (#70288) set that includes Shaggy, Scooby, and a villain with a glow in the dark ghost costume. Included are Scooby snacks, a burger, flashlight - necessary for those times when Scooby and Shaggy find themselves alone in the woods. Grab it at Walmart for $12.93.

All sets work together to create the ultimate ghost-hunting mission! Perfect release just in time for the new movie, Scoob, coming out May 15, 2020. Scooby is the origin story of the Scooby-Doo, and we learn how Shaggy met him.

Who else is so excited about Scooby-Doo? We are! We can’t wait to find the blind bags that feature more villains to unmask! 

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Monday, January 13, 2020

New! Rainbows in Pieces R.I.P. Creepy but Cute Collectible Figures by MGAE

If you are apart of the fantasy fandom with nods to gore, then Rainbows in Pieces figures are for you. Meet the Unis, a collection of misfit gory unicorns that tragically died and are back for some sweet revenge. They’re depicted as “gnarly and messed up,” I think they’re goresome!

Made by the mega toy company, MGA Entertainment, Rainbows in Pieces takes these legendary creatures to new heights. Not only does each figure of a gruesome past, but they have an even more dark afterlife! Bobby Bruises was given a major attitude adjustment and was beaten to death. We learn from his holographic collectible card that he’s now dead and crying for his mama. Bobby Bruises is half llama, half unicorn but 100% dead. I also purchased Undead Ned who has come back from the dead to get revenge on his killer or even those who may have wronged him. 

Overall, the figures are well made. The packaging is wonderful with a nice smooth finish, embossed details, and lots of dark artwork. The box itself just makes you think - it’s a dumpster and inside are a pile of rotting trash bags. These poor Unis were tortured and killed, then left to rot at the dump. 

You can get Rainbows in Pieces collectible figures on Amazon and Target for $9.99 each. 

Friday, January 10, 2020

New! Cozy Dozys Lupa the Llama Baby Doll Unboxing by Moose Toys

Thank you so much Moose Toys for sending us Cozy Dozys to us for free for our review! 

Cubbles the Bear
Last year, I first met Cubbles the Bear at New York Toy Fair 2019. I didn't fully realize the extent cuteness that is this toy line. Truly, Little Live Cozy Dozys are truly such cute toys. They are really interactive with some very realistic facial expressions. They react to touch and movement and will keep your kiddo engaged in pretend play as well as important role play. My oldest was struggling to get Lupa the Llama to sleep - play imitating life, am I right?

Snowbelle the Bear
If you are looking for the sweetest, most cuddly bedtime buddy, then look no further -- Cozy Dozys should be your top pick! Cozy Dozys newest baby, Lupa Llama, has over 20 interactions and sounds. Lupa responds to touch and movement has reactive facial expressions when tickled and lulled to sleep, soothes easily with her pacifier, can be swaddled with her blanket, and is just so soft and cuddly! 

Pinki the Bear

My sons took an immediate liking to Lupa and took care of her right away! Well, my toddler threw her once, but that’s all apart of the learning process - baby dolls encourage social development, strengthens care and nurturing skills, so this form of play is totally normal. Now, Lupa has been added to our cuddly collection of Little Live pets that we have, and she fits in so nicely! Lupa the Llama is available at Target, Walmart, and Amazon for $29.99. You can find three more friends, Pinki the Bear, Cubbles the Bear, and Snowbelle the Bear to add to your collection!  

Find your new, cuddly baby Cozy Dozys at WalmartTarget and Amazon for $29.99 each. 

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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Build Buddiez - Moldable Putty Snowman Craft Kit is the Ultimate Parenting Hack! Keep Kids Engaged for HOURS

Thank you Salus Brands for sending us Build Buddiez for free for our review! 

We are no stranger to Salus Brands high-quality products. From Pop-Oh-Ver, Coconut FloatOriginal Super Cool Slime, and KeiKi Music now we have Build Buddiez. Build Buddiez are the ultimate parenting hack!

Build Buddiez Are Buckets of Parenting Hacks

Are you dreaming of a snowy morning, but you live in Florida? Do you love the snow, but it's just too cold to take the kids out to play? Then you have to check out Build Buddiez Snowman Craft Kits! Perfect for kids and big kids at heart, Salus Brands, has your love of a snowman building in mind with these adorable sets! Choose from single packs for just $3.95 that includes snowman accessories like a carrot nose, buttons, eyes, mouth, and more, plus moldable putty that looks like yummy soft-serve ice cream, but it never melts! If you have a trio of crafters at home, then opt-in for the Build Buddiez Snowman Craft Kit 3-pack for just $11.95 on Amazon. I would highly recommend the 3-pack as it includes three different characters to create.

The packaging is adorable, and kids love that the containers are little buckets with handles. The buckets are great for easy cleanup, too. Your kiddo can squish down their design and put all of the pieces back inside the bucket. The Build Buddiez buckets stack up, too, and the buckets are clear to see which character pieces are inside. 

I love Build Buddiez too! I made Olaf for the boys, which they promptly squooshed.

Create and Educate with Build Buddiez

You will be amazed at what you can build — the possibilities are endless with this moldable putty. The putty provides sensory play and strengthens fine motor skills. Create teachable and craftable moments with Build Buddiez. Putty is often used to teach spatial awareness, strengthen fine motor skills, and to just make learning fun! The Build Buddiez putty is so versatile that you can stretch, rip, press, squeeze, and even stamp it, and if stored in its container after play, you can play it again and again.

After you create your snowman and snowlady, or any other creation, you can choose to store your putty back inside of the container or leave your figure out to dry for a custom DIY figure project! 

Just wait and see what we create! Check out my Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube channel for Build Buddiez inspiration!

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Friday, January 3, 2020

New Toy Reveal! Kitten Catfe - the latest in surprise toys!

Welcome to Kitten Catfe, a magical place where kittens run a booming "catfe" full of surprises! Jakks Pacific are the masterminds behind this line, and they truly knocked it out of the litter box! 

Collect the Purrista Girls thoughtfully packaged in coffee cups. The coffee cup holds a world of magic inside, open the lid to find a recipe card, a Purrista Girl poseable doll, an outfit and shoes, and a tea bag with one, two, or three meowbles inside! The meowbles are miniature kitties that are so cute! Drop the tea bag in cold water to reveal your meowables. The coffee cup is sturdy and can be kept to store your Purrista Girl or keep for pretend play. You can also turn the lid upside down and it looks like a fancy kitty cat bathtub, and inside that is a cat bed! There are so many little surprises inside this one, which just makes the toy itself so much fun! The Purrista Girls surprise cups are $9.99 each. 

Then you have the Meowbles Yarn Ball surprise packaged in a whimsical tea cup. Rolled up inside are three colorful ribbons, a cat clip, and a surprise meowble. You get your own DIY bracelet, which is such a nice touch. Meowbles Yarn Ball surprise are just $2.99 each. 

Finally, the scented meowbles plush are softball-sized bundles of cuteness, and they just smell so good! Meowbles Scented Plush dolls are $7.99 each. Collect all six to get a rainbow of colors, yummy scents, and all different adorable expressions.

You will be able to find the new Kitten Catfe toy line in stores this month at Target, Walmart, and Amazon

Thank you so much, Jakks Pacific, for giving us this first look, and for sending us samples for our review!

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Friday, December 20, 2019

Bluey Dolls and Figures Coming to the US in 2020

It's almost time, folks! Parents and children fell in love this year with the hit Australian kids' show, Bluey, that was aired on Disney Junior in the fall of 2019, originally in 2018 on ABC Kids in Australia. My family and I love sincerely love Bluey and of course, as a toy collector, I went searching to find out who would be the toymaker for this amazing show. Well, I am pleased to report that Moose Toys is the toy master for this heartwarming, funny, and just adorable show! Aussies got a peek at this line in November 2019, and now the US and the rest of the world will be able to enjoy Bluey and Bingo and the rest of the Heeler family in toy form! 

Bluey toys aren't out yet, but you can search for the latest toddler and little kids toy on my gift guide! Check it out, and then come back here to learn about the toys coming out for Bluey!

Small Plush Bingo by Moose Toys

Since Bluey is such an imaginative show, there is a world of possibilities for toys and I sincerely hope Moose Toys captures this creativity within their toy line. So far the initial release is two sizes of plush dolls each including both adorable sister Bluey and little sister, Bingo Heeler - get them in large sizes, too. There is also a figure pack featuring the immediate Heeler family: Bandit (loveable and scruffy Dad), Chilli (fun-loving and kindest mummy), Bluey (imaginative and curious little six-year-old), and Bingo (dreamy, fantastical, adorable four-year-old little sister). 

Large Plush shown.

The small plush toys are $15 each in Australia. The large plush range is $35 each in Australia. The figure pack in Australia retails for $22. 

Play along with me, Bluey fans! I am going to hark back to my old days of product development and pretend to be a toymaker at Moose Toys! Here is my ultimate Bluey toy wish list! Comment below and add in your ideas, too! Sure, adding in toys to recreate moments from the show seems a little redundant since the show is really based off of learning life lessons through play, I just thought it would be fun. Plus, I am tired of writing gift guides! Hah! I asked my six-year-old son, Marcello, for some insight.

  • Magic Xylophone - I hope to see a Magic Xylophone - sure a regular toy xylophone would suffice and that's the whole point with the Bluey episode of the same name. However, a Bluey themed xylophone would be a hit!
  • Grannies Playset - Here come the Grannies! Wouldn't it be adorable to have a little playset with some dress-up clothes including those amazing glasses and a guide to flossing - the dance, not the dental tool? Kids can be Janet and Rita and run over everything in sight in their play car! Add in a can of beans in that set, and it will be a hit!
  • Blind Packs - We need some mystery packs, and Moose Toys would be perfect to do it. Look at their Real Littles Shopkins for crying out loud, it's amazing! I am imagining different accessories to facilitate pretend play and figures of course! I would package them in fun containers like a shopping trolley, a toy box, take away box, a backpack, and a yoga ball!
  • Bob Bilby - We all need a Bob Bilbey doll. This episode of the same name is dear to me. The exact same experience with my son's nursery class doll happened to us. Our photos were basically of us doing nothing. When I realized our error, we made a mad dash of play for Bob Bilby. Thankfully, Marcello only remembers the moments where we actually did stuff with his nursery class friend, Cupcake the Bear.
  • Bluey Play-sets - Marcello said he would like to see play-sets of their house and figures like Calypso would be for the school. 

Adults Pretend, too!

Fans of the show I think would share thoughts on this wish list as each toy represents different play moments of Bluey and Bingo, which mimics our lives as families every day, which is why the show Bluey is so wonderful. Families relate to these "wacky kid" moments, and some parents go along with it and conform (ie, Bandit becoming a mountain and cave to explore in the episode, Blue Mountains), or even balloons from parties that become playthings in which mum, Chilli, starts the game Keepy Uppy in the episode of the same name. Again, this is why I find Bluey so endearing and magical, because it's my life on screen. With little kids, every day should be a day of play, and I think Bluey is the show that will go down in history for children to be inspired and for parents to learn from, too. 

I would imagine the toys will be out in February or April 2020. Once I find out, I will report back here, so please subscribe to my blog to stay up to date! For now, parents can take their kids to the Bluey website where there are fun Bluey-themed crafts for kids!

If you haven't watched Bluey yet and you're outside of Australia, you can find it on Disney Junior and all of the episodes are available on the Disney Now app. In Australia, it airs on ABC Kids. Parents can also enjoy the thoughtful breakdown of each episode by two Aussie mums, Gotta Be Done - Bluey Podcast. It's unreal how many teachable moments are on this show -- from learning the value of "dollar bucks" to bringing the "boring" stuff to the pool. This is also why Bluey is so relatable - there are just so many levels of parenting, so many levels of child-rearing, and just so many levels of exhaustion. That last part, for real, I'm so tired that I just submit to my children's every whim. Listening to two mums who "get it" keeps me sane...right? 

My wishlist was just for fun, and I was just playing toymaker! Creating Bluey themed sets would be welcomed, but they will also not wholly represent the imagination and creativity that Bluey and Bingo illustrate in each episode.

That being said, I can't wait to see what Moose Toys creates; 2020 is going to be awesome for Bluey fans throughout the world! New York Toy Fair, I hope you have Bluey! I'll be there!
Happy 2020, all!

Monday, December 16, 2019

HEROMASK VR Headset Learning Through Play!

HEROMASK is a Virtual Reality headset that uses an app and your smartphone to create a whole new learning experience. 

Learn a new language or sharpen your Math skills with this innovative new product! Perfect for kids ages five and up, HEROMASK takes the power of Virtual Reality and mixes it with educational gaming. The Language HEROMASK can help teach kids Spanish, French, German, English and Chinese. Math skills will be tested in a fun and exciting way! Win your own HEROMASK here! Find both sets on Amazon for $64.99 each. 

Learn a new language or sharpen your Maths skills with this innovative new product! Perfect for kids ages five and up, HEROMASK takes the power of Virtual Reality and mixes it with educational gaming. The Language HEROMASK can help teach kids Spanish, French, German, English and Chinese. The Math HEROMASK provides an immersive VR experience to improve Math skills in a fun and exciting way! HEROMASK will encourage kids to get up and move and use their fine motor skills and agility to hit the targets to identify the correct answer. Learn French, Spanish, English, Chinese, and German with the LANGUAGES set. You can also purchase the MATH set to learn standard Maths skills. 

Thank you so much HEROMASK  for sending us our own mask for review! Thank you for also providing an additional VR set to give away! Give away is open to residents of the following counties: Spain, Italy, France, Germany, UK, and the USA. 

Enter via the rafflecopter link below, and please read the disclaimer first. Should you have any medical issues like suffering from seizures, this VR experience may not be for you. Entering to win relinquishes Tubey Toys/PlayLiveRepeat/TiffanyB and HEROMASK of any legalities. The give away is not affiliated with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Blogger, or Google. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Best Schwinn Bikes Gift Guide Holiday 2019: Gift a Family Tradition

Give a Family Tradition this Holiday

Give the ultimate gift of childhood this holiday season to your little one;  the gift of a bicycle. Getting a new bike on Christmas morning was every kid’s dream come true. What better brand to invoke that childhood spirit than Schwinn? My first bike was a peach banana seat dream of a bike, and it wasn’t new, either. Schwinn bikes are built to last, so my first bike was my sister’s first bike. My oldest sister has a pink Schwinn banana seat bike, so I switched out the bikes to my daily activities. However, the peach banana seat was my ride of choice! 

Today Schwinn still makes heirloom quality of bicycles where siblings can pass down the memories and parents can enjoy the value. With the reinventing of some of their most coveted designs, gifting a Schwinn this holiday season is a no brainer as it will invoke a wistful longing to memories past. Biking may even spark a pastime that the whole family can enjoy together. I went on so many adventures with my Schwinn bike, and to think it’s still being enjoyed more than 20 years later by another family! I've got to dig up my photos because I am getting all nostalgic writing this post. 

After I graduated from my banana seat, I got a Schwinn Sidewinder one birthday from my Godparents - what an amazing bike, that was, too. It ended up getting washed away down a river. That's another story, though. 

Riding a bicycle will open up your kiddo's world to play! Bike riding supports the imagination, gives a sense of independence, promotes pride of ownership, and gets them moving! You don't see any apps or wires connected to a Schwinn!

Do you have any fond memories biking by yourself or with friends?

As for Schwinn, I cannot think of another company to get your kiddo started on their adventures in bike riding. Gifting a bicycle is like giving the gift of tradition. To begin, make sure you check out Schwinn's guide to bike sizes. Even though your kiddo may fit the age requirement, they still may be a bit too tall or even too short!

Guide to the Perfect Ride!

Schwinn Koen Bicycle is the perfect starter bike to transition kids from training wheels to two wheels with ease. With sporty BMX style and the SmartStart design, this lighter frame bike is built to grow and also built for a child’s proportions. Kids can comfortably hold the handlebars, and adjust the seat without tools when needed. A handy seat handle makes carrying the bike or hanging for storage at home really convenient. Safety features like a fully covered chain guard, transitional front and rear brakes, and a limited lifetime warranty are all key features of this bike, plus the awesome nameplate a la BMX styling.  Available in three distinct colors of black, blue, and red and all colors come with training wheels except the 20” bike.  Depending on the size of bike you need, the prices range from $117.99 to $169.99 on Amazon in various sizes 12”, 14”, 16”, 18” and 20”. Get kids started riding as early as two years to 12 years old. 

Schwinn Elm Bicycle gives beautiful styling with full-on safety features to put parents at ease as their kiddo takes their first set of wheels out for a spin. Built with a child in mind this beauty of a bike has Schwinn’s prized SmartStart design that fits kid-specific proportions for easier pedaling and handling. The Schwinn Elm is a great starter bike for kids beginning the independence from training wheels to a two-wheeled bike and will give the confidence kids need to embark on such a milestone. Available in three vibrant colors and a handy basket, the Schwinn Elm gives a vintage feel along with lots of individual style. Schwinn, Amazon Prices vary size and comes in three colors: pink, purple, and teal. Ages two to 12 years Sizes: 12”, 14”, 16”, 18” & 20”  MSRP: $129/ $117.99, $129.99, $145.99, $157.99, $169.99 

Schwinn Sting Ray Bicycle will always be a classic; it's nothing short of iconic. Bringing modern mechanics to vintage styling, adults will get a kick out of their kids coasting the streets in this bad boy. With iconic high handlebars, rear coaster brakes that stop on a dime, you can’t deny that this classic style still leaves an impression under today’s standards. Simple in design, it packs a big punch with its iconic banana seat, two distinct color choices of electric blue and red (you gotta go for the cherry red!), and with the higher ape style handlebars, it will give kids more control over the bike’s handling. This is definitely one to consider when nostalgia is involved as this is one cherry of a bike! Limited lifetime warranty is included ensuring optimum customer satisfaction and support. Schwinn, Amazon $349.99 Ages 7-17 years

Schwinn Fair Lady Bicycle brings back all of the feels. With this beauty of a bicycle in a beautiful purple and even a shade of pink, this classic beauty gives class and style to any old bike ride. A fashionable and decorative banana seat gives a note of nostalgia and will pull at the heartstrings of passersby. The single-speed drive train makes it easy for kids to learn to ride, and the high ape handlebars allow for more control. Nothing beats the coaster pedal brake, which I think is a better way and safer way to stop. The classic steel frame and chromed out fenders pays homage to the original Fair Lady. Schwinn, Amazon $349.99 Ages 7-17 years

Schwinn Balance Bicycle will get little ones as early as 18 months to get the feel of a bike without actually pedaling. Toddlers can learn to push the bicycle with their feet to balance the bike. The Schwinn Balance Bike will promote independence on future bigger kid bikes as toddlers as young as 18 months will build their confidence on this pedal-less wonder. Kids will learn to ride, jump and coast on their bikes with no assistance from their parents or the use of pedals thus allowing for a more confident bike rider who may only need the use of training wheels for a short time. Schwinn, Amazon MSRP: $84.99 Available now
on in pink, blue, green, and red. 

Some kids aren't keen on learning to ride a bicycle, especially toddlers and preschoolers. Pair the gift of a bicycle with a book and some encouraging words. 

Pair the Perfect Accessories for Added Safety and Style

Schwinn Thrasher bike helmet. Add the perfect youth helmet to keep your kiddo safe and looking sharp at the same time. This helmet is lightweight and comes in a variety of funky colors. Recommended for kiddos ages eight to 14 years old. Schwinn, Amazon $15 - $25

Schwinn Toddler Helmet is a functional and stylish helmet to protect your kiddo’s head. With fun designs and pretty colors, your child will love to wear it and show of their unique style. Schwinn, Amazon  $16.43 to $19.99 Ages 3+ 

Schwinn Little Kids Bike Helmet with 3D Characters features a variety of characters like a bear or fireman’s helmet to add that sense of pretend play and imagination to your kiddo’s bike riding experience! Schwinn, Amazon $9.99 to $24.99 

Schwinn Light Set allows for a flash of style, add some light to your bike. I think they would look awesome on the Schwinn Stingray or Schwinn Fair Lady. Schwinn, Amazon $14.96  

The Schwinn Bottle and Cage set are essentials for riding. Staying hydrated is important. I recommend this for teens who will venture out further than younger kids. Schwinn, Amazon $8.04

Ring-a-ding-ding with this cute bell! Give a little bit of a thrill to your kiddo’s biking experience with an attachable bell. Perfect fit for any bike, a bell just adds a little oomph that you didn’t know you needed. Schwinn, Amazon $8.75 

 Always keep your bike safely locked up. It doesn't matter where you live as bikes are the easiest to steal! This is the best bike lock as we use it to store. Living in NY doesn't always allow for owning a garage, so we depend on public storage spaces, and for 10 years this bike lock has been dependable! It's also really easy to use. It's really affordable, too. Schwinn/Pacific Cycle, Amazon $9.99 

Now that you found the perfect bike for your kiddo, don’t forget to wrap it! Use a festive bike gift bag (unassembled or assembled). You can also assemble it for Santa and have it ready for gifting with a big red bow, unwrapped and ready to ride! 

I would love to know which bike you chose, let me know in the comments below.

Happy Holidays!