Monday, February 10, 2020

New Scruff a Luvs Little Live Ombre Rescue Pets!

Now you can rescue a cat, dog, and even a pony! Find Little Live Scruff a Luvs for $19.99  at Target, Walmart, and Amazon for kiddos ages two and up.

Included in the box are accessories like a comb, collar, hairclip, and even a birth certificate to make this magical experience complete. Scruff a Luvs Friends now also have a new ombre effect for their fur. It’s so easy to reveal who you rescued - wash your scruffy ball of fluff with soap and water, comb, dry, and love! 

Little Live Scruff a Luvs provides teachable moments for kids to learn to care for animals, and since the ASPCA works with Moose Toys on the Little Live line, it also teaches that rescuing a pet is the best option!

To add some fun with the unboxing experience, why not include some fun DIY? Head to the dollar store and grab some glitter glue, fabric pencil case, rhinestone stickers, and more fun craft items and go to town - bling out your new Scruff a Luvs pet’s collar and make a fabric pencil case the take-along bag for your baby pet.

Show me what you made on social media on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!

Thank you so much Moose Toys for sending us the new Scruff a Luvs pets for our review!

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Friday, February 7, 2020

Get 60% Off Valentine's Merch at Claire's with Code!

Love is in the air and so are the savings at Claire's! Forget about the candy and flowers, get your favorite little Valentine a bunch of cute and useful accessories with savings up to 60% off! Use code: GALENTINES which is good for everything pink, red, and adorable!  The best part is that you don't have to just use these ideas for Valentine's Day because I have compiled a bunch of great gift ideas that are perfect for birthdays and beyond! 

Let's face it, hearts never go out of style!

Sleepovers are the ultimate rite of passage! Accessorize this momentous occasion with cute scrunchies, headwraps, and more!

Hearts Nylon Backpack $14.00 with code
Hearts Sleeping Mask $4.00 with code
LOVE Crew Socks $2.90 with code

Fill up this a useful make-up bag with tween essentials - from makeup to candy scented lip gloss. Claire's products are only of the highest quality, and your little glam girl will love taking their own personalized make-up bag on the go!

Skittles Lip Smacker $4.00 with code
Sweet Love Make-up Bag $5.90 with code
Rainbow Heart Bling Make-up Kit $11.99 with code

Make sure you add a Claire on a Chair plush doll for just $15 with each purchase! This adorable plush bunny is dressed as a fancy ballerina. This would be the perfect gift for Valentine's Day, birthday, or to get a headstart on Easter! 

What a great sale! Let me know what you're getting in the comments below, and make sure to share your purchase with Claire's on social media - instagram, facebook, and twitter

Claire's products support female empowerment, independence, and the power to be "YOU!" I have been shopping at Claire's since I am a teenager, so 20 years later, I take my niece to the very store that helped shape me as a strong, independent female! My son loves going to Claire's too, their assortment of mystery toys cannot be beaten. Happy Valentine's Day!

Friday, January 31, 2020

New Toy Alert! Wreck Royale Mix n Match Collectible Crash Vehicles

Wreck Royale, the latest collection of vehicles that wreck when they crash, and they don’t just get wrecked and that’s it - there are hours of play to be had here, and my boys had a blast! Thank you so much to MGA Entertainment for gifting us the entire series of Wreck Royale cars. 

With seven styles to choose from across the first wave, Wreck Royale made their debut at the LA Auto Show back in November 2019 with a slew of eager mini car enthusiasts looking on as these chunky cars crashed and exploded their parts in all different directions. Later, they made their way to the retail space on Amazon with a smash hit, and now they’re on store shelves like Target and Walmart. 

Mix n' Match Parts to Customize Your Own Crashes!

There are over 35 cars and parts to be combined again and again for customized “explosions” on contact with another vehicle, hand, wall, or hard surface. 

Back to the cars, Wreck Royale is easily my favorite car collection that crashed into 2020. You’ve got action-packed play, crunching destruction, that element of mixing up things (kids are obsessed with this notion), and they’re just really cool and thoughtfully designed. What little boy (or crash-obsessed little girl) wouldn’t love crashing these cars and that crazy clown, King Crash?

Head over to Wreck Royale’s website to check out their fun commercials, collector’s guide, and where to buy. You can also learn a little tidbit of information about each car like Meatloaf, he’s a bull or cattle themed car with a hay bale at his back and ring radiator grill. Meatloaf’s catchphrase is that “He’s got beef with everybody…” Or check out Tooned Out who says he is “2 Fast 2 Care 2 Stop.” You can also watch videos and even check out the Wreck Royale debut at LA Auto Show where you can see a possible sneak peek of wave two vehicles - a whimsical unicorn and a police car with an oversized donut that Homer Simpson would love! 

Footage from LA Auto Show | Photo Credit: MGAE

What do you think of Wreck Royale? Find them in stores now for $9.99 each for single packs at Target and Amazon. You can also get a double park at Target, Walmart, and Amazon for $19.99 for your kiddos ages six and up. I would highly recommend having at least three cars to really maximize the carnage! Hopefully, MGAE comes out with some blind bags for some more mystery car parts. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Thank you so much to MGAE for giving my boys a thrill - there was no issue adding Wreck Royale to our play space, they fit right in! 

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

New Toy Alert! LEGO DOTS Take the Craft Space by Storm with 2D Tiles and Kits! See it in in London now until 2 February 2020!

Dot your world with new LEGO® DOTS! Yes, I said, LEGOLEGO has now introduced to the world their brand new craft line that will inspire and engage children to live a more creative world. 

LEGO DOTS are available on March 1, 2020, in a variety of styles and ways to create. Since this is LEGO®, you already know that the possibilities for play are truly limitless. LEGO builders can now create 2D tile designs with LEGO DOTS to decorate their walls, create jewelry, and more! 

This exciting new line has already started to make waves in London, UK. From now until February 2, 2020, LEGO fans can visit the HOUSE OF DOTS at Coal Drops Yard and see an amazing art installation created by artist, Camille Walala, who says,

It’s a joy to create a fun space where kids and adults can spontaneously express their creativity, make something beautiful and show off who they are. HOUSE OF DOTS captures all the exuberance and playfulness that people know me for, with something extra special: the chance to let your imagination go wild and create your own work of art. Oh, and a slide.

Yes, she said a slide! Guests can view and participate in this amazing, historical installation and then exit via a 2.5 meter (8 feet) slide!

Sharing whimsical ways of turning LEGO DOTS into art, the end result is HOUSE OF DOTS, a place of fantasy comprised of five rooms spread throughout eight shipping containers. Each room is LEGO DOTS-filled where walls are literally dotted with LEGO DOTS 2D tile pieces, down to the floors to the rug, framed pieces, and even furniture are mixed with LEGO DOTS. 

Walala is known for mixing patterns, geometric shapes, and colors. She reminds me so much Keith Haring - she has mastered this look of simplicity yet there is so much going. I wish that I lived in London to see this art installation in person. Londoners can sign up via Eventbrite and see this master at her craft as she helps revolutionize the toy industry with LEGO. Guests are encouraged to play, to dance in the DISCO room, to create their own jewelry using LEGO DOTs, and much more!

Available in stores March 1, 2020, in the form of craft kits where you can create different things like a pencil holder or jewelry stand. Get extra pieces with booster bags with different tile colors and ways to create. Fill up the jewelry stand with the DOTS Wearables with different designs like Rainbow, Funky Animals, Dark Unicorn, and more! 

The new LEGO® DOTS range is available from March 1st 2020 and will include the following: 

Wearables - RRP from: £ 4,99 / $ 4.99 / € 5,99
    • Rainbow Bracelet 
    • Funky Animals Bracelet 
    • Dark Unicorn Bracelet 
    • Cosmic Bracelet 
    • Tropical Birds Bracelet 

Room D├ęcor 
    • Photo cubes - 3 animal cubes for picture displays     (RRP: £ 12.99 / $ 14.99 / € 14,99)
    • Jewellery holder for e.g. rings, necklaces, bracelets  (RRP: £ 12.99 / $ 14.99 / € 14,99)
    • Pineapple pencil holder  (RRP: £ 17.99 / $ 19.99 / € 19,99)
    • Mini picture frame (no sale in Western Europe)        (RRP: $ 3.99)
    • Booster bags - bags with raw coloured and decorated tiles   (RRP: £ 3,99 / $ 3.99/ € 3,99)

    • + 2 million LEGO® tiles used to dot the installation
    • + 800 man-hours required to dot the installation 
    • + 150 square meters of DOTS structure inside the installation
    • 180 creative children from Kings Cross Academy helped create bespoke wall installation    for  Camille Walala’s DOTS kitchen design 
    • Eight passionate AFOLs (Adult Fans of LEGO building) helped dot the +150 square  meters of Camille Walala’s detailed interior design including everything 

Are you going to visit the HOUSE OF DOTS? Are you ready for a new way to create with LEGO? Let me know in the comments! 

Thank you, LEGO, for sharing the images and information concerning this historic toy news! 

Monday, January 27, 2020

GIVE AWAY + New Toy Reveal! Botzees Junior Dinosaurs Buildable Robot by Pai Technology + Coupon Code!

Win your own Botzees Junior Dinosaur STEM kit on my Instagram! Give away ends February 21, 2020. US & Canada only.

Bring coding to life with the new Botzees Junior buildable dinosaur robots! New by Pai Technology, and only $27.99, kids can build and learn about coding in a fun and exciting way! 
Botzees Junior Dinosaurs are for children ages three and up, and combines the power of traditional block building with digital play! The app is free to download and easy for little kids to follow. You would be surprised how easy it is for toddlers to navigate apps!

Pai Technology creates wonderful STEM products for kids including Botzees the super-smart robot that kids can build and program to dance, explore, and more. The Boztees Junior Dinosaurs STEM kit works with the Botzees robot, but you do not need to have both kits for them to work! 

Now your favorite robot has some prehistoric friends for your little ones. Botzees Junior Dinosaurs are new buildable toys where kids can learn the basics of coding and hone their creative thinking with the creation of their very own robot dinosaur. Botzees Junior uses larger, safer blocks for little kids to piece together with each. With each click, children can create their own world of dinosaurs. Then kids can watch their creation come to life on their Apple smart device. Perfect for a birthday gift, classroom, or just because - give the gift of STEM learning. It's only $27.99, and you can purchase it through the Pai Technology store. Make sure you use my savings code tubeytoys10 for an additional 10% off of your purchase!

We are big fans of Botzees and play with our robot all of the time! The best part is creating your own custom robot, then by using the free app, you can watch your Botzees Dinosaur come to life via augmented reality! Plus, little kids will love the variety of colored Botzees blocks to create their own mini Botzees world.

Get 10% off now using my code tubeytoys10 in their shop -- this is a great saving for such an innovative and fun product! 

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Win Some Slime for Your Mini Valentine! Cloudees, Goo Goo Galaxy, Instagram Give Away!


If you have kids obsessed with slime and the latest toys - this give away is for you!

Ends February 7, 2020, at midnight EST. Entering is easy - do so via this link, and follow the steps, and you're in! 

One lucky winner receives everything pictured. Give away is international and not affiliated with Google, Instagram, or any of the companies in the photo. Enter now! 

This give away is only through Instagram - any other entries submitted through other platforms cannot be counted. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

New Toy Reveal: LEGO Ideas Space Station #21321

On the heels of the third-all women spacewalk to replace batteries on the International Space Station, LEGO has revealed their LEGO Ideas set, the International Space Station (ISS) #21321 to be released February 1, 2020. The LEGO Ideas ISS set is very affordable at $69.99 US, especially with all of the moving parts and details that many space enthusiasts will appreciate. 

Brick builders ages 16 and up will be able to embark on a journey to build 864 pieces of functional LEGO bricks to create this epic modern marvel. Working parts like a posable Canadarm2 to perform repairs or move cargo. There are also two rotating joints that coincide with eight adjustable ‘solar panels’ to help give this set a very realistic look. 

Even set on its stand, it looks to be floating in space. Not only do you get the ISS to build, but you also get two micro-figure astronauts and a NASA Space Shuttle. To further enhance the stress-relieving brick building experience, you can learn more about the ISS with the included full-color 148-page booklet sharing details and historical facts about the International Space Station. 

With the ISS now fully charged up with new batteries and recently celebrating its 20th anniversary, this iconic LEGO Ideas set would be the perfect gift for a challenging, yet very rewarding brick build. 

21321 International Space Station
Ages 16+. 864 pieces
US $69.99 – CA $99.99 – DE €69.99 – UK £64.99 – FR €59.99 – DK 549DKK
*Euro pricing varies by country.  Please visit for regional pricing.

Thank you LEGO for sending this information to share on my social media platforms. 

Monday, January 20, 2020

Toys for Generations: Le Toy Van Sustainable Wooden Toys

Earth-friendly. Chunky wooden toys. Limitless play. This is all what comes to mind when I think of Le Toy Van. Their fabulous line of children’s products caters to babies to big kids. With a wide range of products already out now and more to come in 2020, this is the toy company that will be revolutionizing the toy industry! With a range of prices for playsets as little as $14.95, there is something for every price point and level of play!

With their mantra that “wood is good,” Le Toy Van is reducing our overall carbon footprint by creating thoughtful toys made from re-purposed Rubberwood trees that have reached the end of their life. 

Le Toy Van creates whimsical, heirloom toys that can be cherished and passed down from generations to come. Choose from a variety of toys that will positively impact and excite a child’s imagination by further encouraging storytelling and improve their social skills, all while having fun!

Starting with baby and toddler toys with playful designs like a shape sorter birdhouse, and an all-wooden activity gym. Perfect for the nursery, playroom, and the classroom — toys like the sensory shapes also act as tactile toys and will grow with curious toddlers to little kids. I personally love the Stacking Veggies set - bright colors, felt leaves, and planter pots adds a lot of cuteness to pretend play. Le Toy Van baby and toddler toys and products are perfect gifts for Baby Showers or for the new arrival gifts as each toy has a very giftable quality about it featuring never before seen ways of display and play. Also, every new parent honestly has that desire to bring all natural products in the home, and Le Van Toy's sustainable production value will really make parents happy! They are just really cute, too!

As children get older, their toy tastes get more and more sophisticated, and Le Toy Van creates many lines to accommodate a child’s every whim. 

The Honeybake Roleplay collection includes a wide variety of pretend play things from a coffee maker to a grocery set with a scanner. My favorite is the popcorn machine as it includes felt popcorn and even pretend-play tickets so kids can host a pretend carnival. 

For collectors and doll lovers, the Daisyland Collection started 25 years ago and encourages the use of fine motor skills, problem-solving, and speech development. 

Some houses come furnished or unfurnished and will give children the opportunity to be the master of their own play scenes. With a variety of styles, colors, and sizes, even the smallest dollhouse on their site was noted by a happy customer as saying it was “bigger than expected!” Select your style and you can even add family members with their collection of dolls. Add in unique furnishings too to build your world of pretend play with their various room designs.

Their Traditional Playsets will be playroom staples with a great variety of toys perfect for any age and toy appetite. Choose from a toy fire engine complete with a fireman, a wooden farmyard complete with animals, playmats, rockets, unicorns, and more.

Not only are these toys perfect for every day play, they look amazing too. The toys are all made of word or new materials giving each look a really whimsical aesthetic without overtly flashy colors or sounds—but are more warm, inviting, and bright—since their designs are simple with whimsy, kids will be able to focus on what matters, and that is play! 

Foam Playmat with a serene country farm scene.

If you’re a new parent, parent veteran, or just looking for the perfect gift, seek out Le Toy Van. You will not be disappointed!