Friday, January 18, 2019

Video and Toy Review: Kangaroo Manufacturing Slime Kit Review - BEST Ultra Clear Slime EVER Made with Super Cool Slime Lab - Honest Slime Review

It’s safe to say that children love playing with slime, but the best part about slime is actually making your own homemade slime. Many kids use ingredients like glue, borax, contact lens solution, and will mix in glitter, beads, and even foam. However, how many of your kids use your pyrex and your favorite batter spatula to mix their slime? You won’t have that problem with Kangaroo Manufacturing’s amazing Original Super Cool Slime Lab that includes everything that you need to make the absolute best slime ever! I am not exaggerating, this slime kit is the best. I was able to make ultra clear glitter slime, multi-colored slime, and even the best glow in the dark slime I ever made in my whole life! It sounds crazy, but it is totally true! Check out our YouTube video to see what I mean! Find the whole collection of Kangaroo Manufacturing slimes and the easy homemade slime kit at stores like Hobby Lobby, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, HomeGoods, AC Moore, Party City, and Learning Express. The slime is recommended for children ages eight and up. 

You can get the Original Super Cool Slime lab for just $12.95, and it includes 18 pieces - everything that you need to create amazing homemade slime. The most helpful of components of them all are the three lidded jars that you can use to mix your slime together and then store your slime. Usually, slime kits only include restaurant grade take out sauce containers with cheap lips - the lids from Kangaroo Manufacturing includes strong, plastic lids and a thick reusable container. I used all of my “slime booster,” but I have so much left over of the glitter and borax, so if you have extra glue around the house, you can keep creating more slime. There is plenty of activator (borax) left to make plenty more slime! The other ingredients are just warm water! Super easy, and loads of fun! Kids will learn to measure water out in the included measuring cup, practice patience, and watch the chemistry unfold in front of their eyes. Once you add the borax and water mixture to your glue and water, you can really “feel” the slime getting thicker. You never actually touch the slime until it’s completely done, which is great - no mess, and all around this set is an easy cleanup. Always cover counters, table tops, and anything else you want to keep clean with some paper towel or even a cheap dollar store table cloth will do for added protection. 

The clear slime that I made is the clearest slime ever - if Walter White graded my slime it would be 99.99999998% pure!  Humor aside, slime aficionados will appreciate the ultra clearness of the slime. The Glow in the Dark slime was just so impressive. I used up the whole tiny bag of the glow in the dark powder, and I strongly suggest you do the same as the glow for the slime is perfection! I even suggested to use the glow in the dark as a night light; it really does glow that bright. I also made a multi-colored slime which looks better in person than on camera, my lighting wasn’t the best this video. 

If making slime is not your thing, then definitely look into Kangaroo Manufacturing’s ready-made slimes - from Emoji Poop Slime in a fun, poop shaped container and doo-doo brown color will delight any child or big kid, like me. They also have ready-made glow in the dark slime, which looks cool but it doesn’t glow as brightly as I would have liked. We got the yellow glow in the dark slime, and I really think that is why it just wouldn’t glow. The container, however, is a clever light bulb! There are other glow in the dark slimes available in neon green and bright blue, which I think will glow better. The unicorn emoji poop slime is a beautiful combination of blue, purple, silver, and gold, and with each squish of the slime a new color came out like magic. They also have Jurassic World slime which is a lovely silver and graphite color, and would be a cool addition to any fan-of-dinosaurs’ collection! The ready-made slime by Kangaroo Manufacturing are just $4.95 each. 

Kangaroo Manufacturing is well known for their fun products like Coconut Float, Emoji Universe, and much more cool, low-priced and high-quality toys and novelty items. My absolute favorite product of theirs is the Pop-Oh-Ver the kitchen set collection which represents the ultimate in imaginative play. Check out our review of the Pop-Oh-Ver collection, we love Pop-Oh-Ver because we’re tight on space, and these toys are the ultimate space savers! 

Big thank you to Kangaroo Manufacturing for sending over so many slimes to review! Stay tuned to our next video showcasing the amazing ready-made slime collection by Kangaroo Manufacturing! 

Sunday, January 13, 2019

UPDATE New #STAPSTAR Poseable Dolls Found at Walmart! Order Online Now for Store Pick-Up! Yulu Toys | SNEAK PEEK Meet the Snapstar Dolls


#SNAPSTAR the new and super poseable dolls by the masterminds at YULU Toys have now hit the shelves at Walmart! For under $15 you can be the owner of one of six dolls featuring Yuki, Echo, Dawn, Aspen, Izzy, and Lola. For the price point, you get a big bang for your buck. There are multiple points of articulation for these dolls, you can also change up their hairstyles with wigs, a green screen is also included that coincides with the #SNAPSTAR Studio app, and you can pose your dolls on the stand. 

The #SNAPSTAR Studio app is still under "construction," however, you can still download it to be the first to get the latest update. The reason why I am seriously loving #SNAPSTAR dolls because of how interactive they will be once the app is up and running. I am seeing so many doll videos in our future featuring #SNAPSTAR, as well as super cute photo shoots. 


Each #STARSTAR Doll has her own story and profession. SNAPSTAR Dawn is a fashionista and she puts together awesome outfits for herself and her besties. Her monochromatic outfit is so refreshing to see! SNAPSTAR Izzy loves do-it-yourself projects! She even made her own ornamnets for her Christmas tree.  SNAPSTAR Lola loves to bake pretty cupcakes, and loves rainbows and unicorns. Her hair color is my favorite as it looks like pastel pink and blue cotton candy! SNAPSTAR Yuki is a DJ, and she mixes the hottest songs for her and besties. Yuki even mixed a killer set for their rockin' New Year's Eve party. SNAPSTAR Echo is multitalented with her talent for singing, and for posting fun make-up tutorials. Majestic in her own right, Echo exudes the fantastical with her love of unicorns, fairies, and mermaids. Echo's dress is my favorite! SNAPSTAR Aspen is boho chic, and exudes this in her whimsical and effortless clothing, especially her coral boots! 

You can purchase #SNAPSTAR in store at Walmart only for $14.47 (or place an order online and do order pick up). You can also purchase the new fashion sets in-store only at Walmart for only $4.99 each! I already placed an order for order pick up, and I'm heading out the door now to get my #SNAPSTAR doll! Echo, I'm coming for you!

You have to get on the #SNAPSTAR bandwagon, and follow them on Instagram where you'll find beautifully taken photos of these gorgeous dolls! Follow them on Instagram @SNAPSTAR.Official and on their YouTube Channel at SNAPSTARWORLD where you'll find tutorials for the app and more. 

Photos taken from instagram. All credits to the owner. 

New Disney Doorables Series 2 Collectibles and New Fortnite Mighty Beanz Found at Target!

Fans of tiny collectibles rejoice!

New Series 2 Disney Doorables are on the shelves Target and at!! I’m going to faint from the cuteness! Toy Story, Wreck-It Ralph, The Lion King in fuzzy (found in multipeeks), and more of your Disney and Disney Pixar favorites are available in Series 2-check out our full case unboxing video here

Old favorites from Series 1 get new variations like Pua, the cute piggy from Moana, has a spoon. Queen Elsa and Princess Anna are wearing dresses Frozen Fever. Check out the collector's guide images to see who you can get this series. Stay tuned for our video as I have a full case to open! I'm not playing around this time! Check out our past Disney Doorables unboxing videos from series one to familiarize yourself with this adorable new collectible series. 

Also, fans of the hit game Fortnite will love the new Moose Toys Mighty Beanz collectibles sets also found at Target for only $4.99 each! There are 35 Mighty Beanz to collect in all! Even if you are not a fan of Fortnite, the Mighty Beanz Fortnite M-Rating for some are a whopping 400 points! There were over 100 Mighty Beanz to collect in series one, and now you can add these exclusive ones to your collection too! 

Friday, January 11, 2019

Happy 36th Anniversary, Joy of Painting! Host A Totally Chill Bob Ross Themed Party Any Day With Fun Games and Puzzles!

What are you doing this wonderful FRI-YAY?! Today, January 11, 2019 just so happens to be the anniversary of Bob Ross’s premiere of his beloved PBS show, The Joy of Painting! Get your fan brushes at the ready, and a fresh tube of titanium white and let us celebrate the legend, Bob Ross. I used to watch Bob Ross at least once a week when I was a kid as PBS was the only interesting channel I had access to in my cable-free home. I thoroughly enjoyed the sights and sounds of his show, from the tapping of the brush against the palette, to the mixing of the paints, and finally the most primo sound of them all, the huge paintbrush hitting against the canvas! Bob Ross was ahead of his time and is immortalized in the many YouTube follow along videos (most recently the almight mountain challeneg in November), pop culture relics like Funko POPs, Chia Pets, coloring books, board games, puzzles, and even party decor

Take your Friday night next level, and honor the iconic Bob Ross with a fun collection of party games and puzzles by Big G Creative - publishers of other fun games like The Brady Bunch party game featuring America's favorite blended family or even the holiday hit Home Alone party game with rascals Marv and Harry trying to outsmart Kevin, the eight-year-old kid left home alone for Christmas!  

Bob Ross was the epitome of chill and positive acceptance. He even referred to his mistakes as “happy little accidents,” instead of focusing on a messed up part of his art, he would expand on it by turning a wrong turn of the paintbrush into a branch of a tree or a flying bird. Honor Ross’s mantra with the super fun game appropriately named, Happy Little Accidents by Big G Creative! This game will open your mind up to new, unexplored territories of your brain all while bringing you and your friends and family closer together. Turn obscure squiggles and shapes into pieces of art and rate other players and award points for their hard work! Published in September 2018 by Big G Creative, Happy Little Accidents includes markers, a writing pad, voting tokens, 54 cards, sand timer, instructions, and that Bob Ross verbal poetry that we all know and love! Available only at Target for just $19.99, for ages 10 and up, and perfect for a group of three to six players, Happy Little Accidents will just make you smile and be happy. 

Kick back and embrace the almighty chillness of Bob Ross with the fun game The Art of Chill. Show off your artistry skills and your epic chillness by reaching “maximum chill” first. Two to four players start off in the hot area of the game board, and in order to reach maximum chill, each player must use their own hand of cards to “paint” with Bob. Fill up your palette with the appropriate colors and tools Bob actually used for that particular painting to advance. The more cards that you match to his painting, the more times your little cube moves through the chill meter. Published in 2017, The Art of Chill game continues to be a staple at Bob Ross themed parties, and what a great way to commemorate Bob’s overall chillness by mimicking his very own unique style, calm, cool, collected, and just chill! Find The Art of Chill found at Target, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, and Urban Outfitters for $24.99. 

Take a break from the gameplay, and start a puzzle! Puzzles are fun to do with friends or even alone, especially puzzles that reveal the artistic abilities of Bob Ross!  Commemorate Bob Ross and the 36th anniversary of his first episode of the Joy of Painting with three amazing pieces that he painted on the show! Big G Creative publishes a few fun titles to get you into the creative mood, and channel the overall essence of Ross! Puzzle over titles like Autumn Woods, Mountain Reflections, and Roadside Barn--all 1000 pieces each. Autumn Woods (October 8, 1986) featuring happy trees with almighty mountains in the background, Mountain Reflections (May 6, 1987) where the water reflects the softness of the tree’s leaves so realistically that I want to dive right in for a swim. Finally, Roadside Barn (March 18, 1987), we’ve all seen them hanging back on the side of the road on a car ride through the country. Oh, the stories they must have within their walls. Bring this barn to life just like Ross did over 30 years ago. Not sure which puzzle to start with? Bob Ross’s first episode on The Joy of Painting was Walk in the Woods, and in this painting, there are plenty of happy trees so I would pick up Autumn Woods as my first puzzle to tackle.  Once complete, each puzzle will measures 19.25” x 26.625” once put together. Others will also be happy to note that the Bob Ross puzzles are made in the USA, the majestic USA that is! You can find all three puzzles sold separately on 

Happy gaming, and happy anniversary Bob Ross! 

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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

New Board Game Squeezamals Freeze N Squeeze Board Game at Target for Little Squishy Fans!

Then next time you have to entertain a group of squish-loving six-year-olds, make sure you have the new Squeezamals Freeze N’ Squeeze board game at the ready! The new Squeezamals board game features one exclusive Squeezamals slow rise stuffed plush (styles will vary, which is half the fun!), a colorful spinner, five banana split tiles, 24 coins, and easy to follow instructions. Who will collect all of the tiles? Who will always have to pay for the banana split treat? 

The new Squeezamals Freeze N’ Squeeze game will promote the practice of simple Math skills like counting coins, and will also promote good sportsmanship. The Squeezamals Freeze N’ Squeeze gameplay is like my favorite game hot potato with a fun twist! Whoever is holding the squishy Squeezamals plush when a fellow player’s spin lands on the banana split has to pay for the treat! Although, the Squeezamals plush is so cuddly and squishy that I doubt anyone will be upset if they’re caught holding the Squeezamals plush; they're just so soft and cuddly! 

Your kiddos will love playing Squeezamals Freeze N’ Squeeze, and you’ll be the champion parent with your expert game choice. Priced perfectly at $12.99 at Target, this board game will get your little ones ages six and up moving and squishing. 

Find Squeezamals Freeze N’ Squeeze at alongside other fun party games by Big G Creative like Home Alone, The Brady Bunch, and the super fun Bob Ross board games like Happy Little Accidents. Big G Creative also publishes fun puzzles featuring the calming art of Bob Ross to the spooktacular breakfast favorite, Count Chocula and Boo Berry with their General Mills Monsters Crunch Breakfast Battle puzzle!

What do you like to bring out when you have a group of kids together? I like to keep things simple and fun - snacks, and fun board games. Board games are a great teaching tool as well as an easy way to pass the time wisely, and hopefully a little quietly. Not too quiet though, or you know something is up! 

Monday, January 7, 2019

Video and Toy Review: Spin Blast Fashion Studio Tote Bag DIY Crafts for Kids

During the holidays, I needed to decorate a couple of tote bags for my nephews and niece for their stocking stuffers. I forgot to buy stockings for them, and I didn’t even have gift bags; it was the night before Christmas Eve, so I was in a real jam. Thankfully I had tote bags that I keep around for fun DIY projects just like in this video. Pairing this project with our Spin Blast Fashion Studio by Far Out Studios was a no brainer. 

The Spin Blast Fashion Studio is a neat turn table that spins with the press of a button—no batteries required. Splatter paint on any of the included die-cuts to make fun, interesting, and wildly colorful patterns. Then take your die-cut and stamp it onto any fabric like a shirt, jeans, canvas sneakers, or a tote bag. Personalize everything with the included decals! Make a fun Ralph Steadman like design with the blaster! I think using the blaster is my favorite in this video! Spin Blast is so easy to use, and the interactions are very simple to follow. Once you get your child set up with the Spin Blast Fashion Studio, leave them to allow their imaginations soar. 

Spin Blast Fashion Studio comes with everything that you need to get started like paints, die-cuts, decals, blaster, and the turn table! You can buy Spin Blast at Walmart, Best Buy, and even Buy Buy Baby for $19.99.

What should we make in our next video? Let us know in the comments below! 

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Video and Toy Review: Little Live Pets Belly the Kissing Puppy - Scruffy Pup Really Kisses and Wags Her Tail! Pikmi Pops Jelly Dream Review!

We here at Tubey Toys love the toys that Moose Toys creates from tiny collectibles like Shopkins, Disney Doorables to interactive animals like the Little Live Pets series. Moose was kind enough to send Bella the Kissing the Puppy for our review! Little Live Pets’ Bella is an adorable scruffy puppy that is just so snuggly, you will fall in love with her immediately! Give Bella an Eskimo kiss and she’ll sniff you and give you a kiss back with a realistic lap of her puppy tongue. Pat her head or rub her back to make her tail wag with joy! Bella will nibble on her “food” from her bowl, and when she’s tired lay her on her side so she can sleep. 

With 25+ sounds, Bella will snore while sleeping, have puppy dreams where she wags her tail in the cutest way, whimper for more love and cuddles from your kiddo, and if you give her enough love she’ll say a secret phrase! Included with Bella are her batteries, which are 4AAA that can easily be changed in each of her hind legs. Inside the adorable carnival style kissing booth packaging is a special adoption certificate, and around her neck is a hot pink collar fit for a prissy pup with a bone shaped tag for you to write her name. Bella also has two brothers sold separately named Rollie and Wrinkles. You can find Bella and Rollie at Target, Walmart, and Amazon for $42.99 to $54.99, and it’s for ages three and up. Big thank you to Moose Toys for sending us Bella the Kissing Puppy, she is so loved already. 

Joined by Bella, Santa Claus brought Marcello the new Pikmi Pops Jelly Dream plushies that are 11-inches in size. The Jelly Dream collection comes in a variety of animals and mystical friends like cats, dogs, and unicorns--nine to choose from in total. Santa brought the blue dog, Glint, for Marcello, and he is just so cute and soft. Jelly Dream is a huggable, plush nightlight that provides a lot of comfort for bedtime. There are three glow modes that provide gentle light to comfort and soothe throughout the night. You also get a glow in the dark sticker sheet with a secret message for some night time fun! Perfect for ages two and up, and ranging from $20 to $22 at Target, Amazon, Walmart and more. The Pikmi Pop’s Jelly Dream are the perfect stuffed toy to act as a bedtime lovey or for every day play. Jelly Dream are super soft, have calming colors, and a puffy tail. Each Jelly Dream comes with three AA batteries. 

Pikmi Pops can also be found in fun surprises packs like the new Pikmi Pops and Pikmi Flips, they are adorable scented plushies. We love Pikmi Pops series one and two because of the cute stands, and the adorable little plushies that come inside. The new cotton candy Pikmi Flips all have the same fun exterior, and inside you’ll find a plushie once flipped. Little Live Pets also have more adorable animals to collect from hamsters in cages, to birds on perches and even dragons! 

I’m looking forward to attending New York Toy Fair 2019 to see what’s in store at Moose Toys! Be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel as well as turn on post notifications to get notified each time we post a new video. Stay tuned to our blog too for the latest toy news through the eyes of a child, and a child at heart!